Part of the NTS Leader JSC, provides services pertaining to the development, production and maintenance of payment and vending terminals in Romania and Bulgaria for over 4 years.

Real time communication innovation

The entire sale process is recorded in the data base and may be monitored in real time; sales may also be accessed at any given time.

The management software allows the production of statistics, charts, detailed reports that allow a quick and easy performance of accounting operations. More



  Terminal number: 543 
  Recipes number: 18 
  Services number: 38 



Complete range of services

NTS Coffee can offer many services into a single device.
It's a unique product on the Romanian market.

A solution for a hot drink and an electronic refill.

The future of vending
Simple design, easy to use.

Drinks diversification
Elements of the created drinks can vary according to the client’s desires.

Fast and easy
Easy-to-use operating system and interface.

Processing center
Its own platform of payment processing..

Route management
Creating routes and monitoring vehicles in real time.

Monitoring existing quantities
Every device has it's own system of merchandise administration.

Statistics for accounting evidence.
Real time registrations, statistics, influx, sales fast and easy.

Processing center

Can be used for payments administration, software and hardware payments system administration. Fast access of agents and activities monitoring.

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